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Did You Get A DUI After The Going To The Waste Management Open?

Did You Get A DUI After The Going To The Waste Management Open? If you did drink and drive, the chances are you probably ran into the DUI task force.   Police from allover the valley, including Scottsdale , Arizona State University , Phoenix, Mesa and even the Salt River Indian Community will be around the…

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DUI Task Force Out This Weekend

  If you are out Friday night and have a few drinks or some other inebriating substances be aware there is a DUI task force out this weekend.   Remember there are always more inexpensive ways to get home other than driving your own vehicle.  Uber and Lyft or even a regular old taxi will get you…

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Did You Get A DUI?

Did you get a DUI?  Where you at the Waste Management Open this last weekend?  Scottsdale Police just released blood alcohol content levels from those party goers at the open who participated in the “Know Your Limit” campaign.  Of the 9,026 people who participated over the weekend almost half of them were over the legal…

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Labor Day DUI Arrest?

Last year’s Labor Day DUI arrest were up 16% from 2013.  In addition the number of DUIs relating to suspected drug use were up last year from the prior year by 103, a 21% increase.  While it is legal to drink (if over 21) and use medicinal marijuana (with a card) it is not legal…

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I Got A DUI On St. Patrick's Day, Now What?

So it is that day of the year again, St. Patrick’s Day everyone pretends they are Irish and drinks green beer.  As with every drinking holiday, someone the next day will say I got a DUI last night, what now?  Everyone should understand that Arizona has some of the toughest DUI laws and the punishments…

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Do I Have To Talk To Police At DUI Checkpoints?

Everyone at some point in their lifetime of driving as likely come upon  DUI checkpoints.  The question that many may ask is what happens if I refuse to actually speak to the officer?  One Florida lawyer has gone as far as to advocating the use of a flyer in the window to bypass interaction with officers.…

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I Got A DUI, What Now?

I Got A DUI, What Now? This is a question that many maybe asking themselves this upcoming weekend.  With the Super Bowl and Waste Management Open, there will be allot of party goers out there who will make the decision to run the risk and drive impaired.  Law enforcement will be out in full force…

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