DUI Task Force Out This Weekend

If you are out Friday night and have a few drinks or some other inebriating substances be aware there is a DUI task force out this weekend.   Remember there are always more inexpensive ways to get home other than driving your own vehicle.  Uber and Lyft or even a regular old taxi will get you home safely.  The other option is to have someone remain sober and act as the designated driver.  If you do decide to risk it or if you think “I am okay” and you do get arrested you face probably the toughest DUI laws in the country here in Arizona.  For example if you are stopped and have a blood alcohol content below the limit of .08, you still face a minimum of ten days in jail and fines of $1,250.00.  Not to mention the suspension of your license, which will cost you additional money after to reinstate.

Your first option do not drive if you’re intoxicated.  If you do and are arrested be sure to immediately contact an attorney who practices in DUI law, know your rights.  Don’t make a bad decision even worse by trying to go it on your own.