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At Thomas Law, PLLC, we believe that car accident victims deserve the best legal representation available. Our experienced and hardworking car accident lawyer in Scottsdale, Arizona can help you navigate the complexities of a personal injury case and arrive at a favorable outcome for your claim.

Injured in an Auto Accident?

When you’ve been hurt in a car accident and you’re facing medical bills, lost wages, and other damages, retaining a reliable and knowledgeable car accident lawyer can be the key to obtaining the compensation you deserve. An attorney with experience handling auto accidents can represent your interests effectively to maximize your financial recovery from the responsible party. Your attorney will evaluate your case to determine liability, ensure that all of your rights are protected, and negotiate for an equitable settlement on your behalf.

Choosing a Car Accident Lawyer in Scottsdale

When choosing an attorney to handle your auto accident claim there are several important considerations. Trustworthiness is essential – make sure you select an experienced attorney who pays attention to detail and has a strong record of favorable results. Cost should also be considered; Thomas Law offers contingency fee arrangements so there are no upfront costs or fees until our clients recover money. Additionally, look for attorneys who have specific experience with car accidents in Arizona as different states have different laws regarding legal matters such as fault and negligence.

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident in Scottsdale or anywhere else in Arizona, choose Thomas Law for all of your legal needs. We offer personalized service and customized representation tailored to meet our client’s individual needs while ensuring they receive the maximum amount of compensation available under the law. Our team is intimately familiar with all aspects of automobile accidents including insurance issues, liability determinations, and damages calculations – meaning we can provide our clients with sound advice based on years of experience handling similar cases successfully.

Reasons to Choose Thomas Law:

Experienced Auto Accident Attorneys

Our attorneys specialize in personal injury cases related to automobile accidents with decades of combined experience working on these types of cases throughout Arizona. Prior to going to law school, Mr. Thomas was an insurance claims adjuster, so he is familiar with the claims process from the adjuster’s perspective as well. 

Strong Legal Team

We employ a team approach when dealing with each personal injury case which ensures that our clients get comprehensive coverage from start to finish

Contingency Fees

We don’t charge any upfront costs or fees until we have obtained a favorable outcome for our clients

Personalized Service

We tailor our services to each client’s individual needs so they get the maximum benefit from their case

Relationships With Insurance Companies

We have extensive relationships with insurance companies which allows us to negotiate effectively on behalf of our clients

Frequently Asked Questions on auto accidents:

What does a car accident lawyer do?

A car accident lawyer provides legal advice regarding claims arising out of automobile accidents including determining liability, negotiating settlements with insurance companies or other parties involved in the crash, filing lawsuits if necessary, protecting the rights of victims when necessary, assessing damages incurred by victims due to injuries sustained during an auto accident and representing their interests throughout the entire process.

How much will it cost me to hire a car accident lawyer?

At Thomas Law, we offer contingency fee arrangements so there are no upfront costs or fees until we obtain financial recovery for our clients. This means that unless we win or settle your case then you do not owe us anything for our services.

How long does it usually take for my car accident case to be resolved?

The time frame depends on many factors such as the complexity of the matter at hand but typically cases can take between 6 months- 1 year before being settled depending on negotiation processes between parties involved in crashes. That being said some cases may resolve more quickly whereas others may take longer depending on the circumstances surrounding incidents.

What if I don't live near Scottsdale? Can I still hire Thomas Law?

A: Yes! While many of our clients reside near or around Scottsdale , AZ , it is possible for us to provide services remotely depending upon circumstances. Please contact us directly so that we may discuss the details further.

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