Arizona Proposition 205 To Weed Or Not To Weed

Arizona Proposition 205

With Tuesday November 8, 2016 coming near,  Arizona Voters are asked to vote on proposition 205 to weed or not to weed (to place a Shakespearean twist on it).

First, remember to vote, you can find your polling place here.   Second, there are allot of commercials for and against proposition 205, each with an obvious biased.  Before you make a decision you should read the proposition itself.  For a brief summation, here is what the law would provide: (1) Adults over 21 could posses up to one ounce and consume it in private.  Usage in public would still be illegal.  (2) Adults would be allowed to grow up to 6 plants in an enclosed space in their home, no more than 12 total in one residence.  These people would only be allowed for personal use, NO SELLING it.  (3) If you are a landlord you can prohibit tenants from growing in the residential property.  (4) Creates a Department of Marijuana License and Control similar to Colorado.  (5) Only licensed retail stores can sell marijuana to those over 21.  (6) It provides a 15% tax on the retail sales.  It does not effect or impose any tax on those sale of medicinal marijuana to those with a medicinal marijuana card.  The state will allocate the collected tax in the following manner 40% to the Department of Education for school construction, maintenance, and operating costs; 40% to the Department of Education for full-day kindergarten programs; and 20% to the Department of Health Services for public education regarding the relative harms of alcohol, marijuana, and other substances.

It does not effect current DUI laws or effect an employer’s current marijuana policies.  Meaning it will not be okay to consume marijuana and then drive your car.  Also if you are an employer and you prohibit marijuana use while working, you can still do that.

An informed voter is a good voter.