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Personal Injury

Personal Injury in Arizona

As a Personal Injury Lawyer, Mr. Thomas’ goal is to advise and assist injured individuals in obtaining the best compensation possible.  You will interact with a personal injury attorney from the beginning of representation until the conclusion of your personal injury case.

Personal injury cases aren’t simply a way to make money – they’re a way to have justice served.  Ask anyone who has received a large injury verdict or settlement and they’ll tell you they would take their health over any monetary compensation.  With that in mind, if you’ve been injured due to the act or negligence of another, contact Thomas Law PLLC for a confidential consultation.  Mr. Thomas even makes home and hospital visits. Mr. Thomas will listen to you and do the research needed to determine if you have a case.  He will assist in getting you the best medical care available, and work hard to get you what you deserve – not just what the insurance company offers.

Prior to  going to law school, Mr. Thomas was an insurance claims adjuster, so he is familiar with the claims process from the adjuster’s perspective as well. For personal injury cases, Thomas Law works on a contingency fee basis which means there is no attorney’s fee paid unless the firm obtains a settlement, award or judgement.  If you need a personal injury lawyer in Phoenix, AZ then give Thomas Law PLLC a call today. Personal Injury initial consultations are always free of charge.

Driving Under the Influence: Arizona DUI Defense

Driving Under the Influence - Arizona DUI Defense

There are three levels of DUI in Arizona: (1) Standard DUI, (2) Extreme DUI and (3) Aggravated DUI.Standard DUI The first is driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) over .08 but under .150. This carries the maximum of six (6) months in jail and a minimum of 10 days in jail, alcohol screening, and up to $1,250.00 in fines.

  • Extreme DUI With a BAC of over .150, you face potentially no less than 30 days in jail and $2,500.00 in fines. These penalties all increase if you have had a prior DUI within 84 months.
  • Aggravated DUI Aggravated DUI occurs when you are driving on a suspended, revoked or cancelled license – or when it is your 3rd DUI within 84 months.

This subjects you to prison time, and you are potentially held in an Arizona Department of Corrections‘ facility for up to 2 years. This is just a brief summary of the potential penalties you face if arrested for DUI in Arizona. if you are facing any of these charges, do not make a second mistake and try and go it alone, you should at least speak with an attorney who handles DUI matters.

Construction Law for Arizona Contractors

Construction Law for Arizona Contractors

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors professes to be a government body designed to improve the quality of contractors and of construction in the State of Arizona. If you are a contractor, you should realize that the Registrar is a regulatory agency. In effect, the Registrar acts as something of a consumer protection agency for those who deal with contractors. What this means is that the Registrar can be a tool for homeowners, subcontractors and others to compel a contractor to perform its work to a certain minimum professional standard.

Unfortunately, contractors can also be abused by the Registrar, particularly if they do not understand the process and meticulously follow the Registrar’s rules after a complaint is filed against their license. If you are an Arizona contractor, unless you are well-versed in Arizona administrative law and familiar with handling cases before the Office of Administrative Hearings, you should seriously consider having an attorney experienced in these types of matters available to you (i.e., get the lawyer before you get the citation).

If you have received a document entitled “Citation and Complaint” you need to respond in writing VERY PROMPTLY to preserve your rights. Failure to do so could lead to an immediate adverse finding, possibly including a fine and suspension or even revocation of your license! Our firm is experienced in dealing with matters before the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. Due to the tight deadlines associated with these types of administrative claims, the sooner you get legal help, the better.

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