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I Got A DUI, What Now?

I Got A DUI, What Now?

This is a question that many maybe asking themselves this upcoming weekend.  With the Super Bowl and Waste Management Open, there will be allot of party goers out there who will make the decision to run the risk and drive impaired.  Law enforcement will be out in full force looking for impaired drivers, so even if you are using Mr. Checkpoint, to try and avoid the checkpoints and think you can avoid getting nailed don’t risk it and drive.

If you do decide to have had a drink or 15 drinks, then drive and you are arrested for DUI, do not make a second mistake and try and go it alone.  Many times I have heard, why should I get a lawyer, they offer everyone the same plea deal.  The problem is that average individual has no real idea of what rights they have, whether the police acted properly during the arrest, whether police followed proper procedure when drawing the driver’s blood or whether the driver was fully aware of their rights.

So your were cited for DUI, what now?  Call an attorney, at a minimum you will better understand your rights and your potential punishments.


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