Over 50,000 People Were Injured In Auto Accidents in Arizona

According to ADOT in 2014, 50,890 people Were Injured In Auto Accidents in Arizona.  There were also 774 fatalities that year.  While that number alone is staggering, consider that there were a total of 109,554 accidents.  Of these 4.1% involved alcohol. The majority (81%) occurred in urban areas and 82% involved multiple vehicles.  Not surprising the most common of manner of collision was rear end, with the most often citation being speed to fast for conditions.  Overall it appears the total number of accidents was up about 2% from 2013.  However the number of fatalities resulting from auto accidents decreased by 10%, as did alcohol related accidents.

If you were one of the 50,000 plus persons injured in an auto accident you know that they can be a severe disruption in your life.  This includes not only the injuries and doctor appointments but also the stress and frustration you experience dealing with insurance companies.  Here are some hints and tips should you be in an injury accident  (1) remember the other party’s insurance company is not your friend; (2) you do not have to provide the insurance company with a recorded statement or (3) you do not have to sign an medical authorization form allowing them to get your medical records and bills, no matter how much the adjuster tells you it makes the claim process easier.  If you are in an accident you should at a minimum contact an accident injury lawyer, even if you do not hire one, most consultations are free and you will at least have a minimally better understanding of the claim process.