Drowsy Driving, The Next DUI?

Drowsy DrivingOver the recent years there has been an increase in accidents resulting from Drowsy Driving. In 2015 according to the NHTSA. Some statistics indicate that drowsy driving causes about 100,000 car accidents a year, with about 71,000 injured people. Just like driving while impaired, drowsy driving effects driver alertness, attention and reaction time. Some states have enacted or have pending legislation creating drowsy driving awareness periods or even imposing criminal penalties. For example under New Jersey law driving without sleep for 24 is considered reckless driving. Arkansas has a law that “fatigued driving” as an offense under negligent homicide- punishable by a class A misdemeanor- when the driver involved in a fatal accident has been without sleep for 24 consecutive hours or is the a state of sleep after being without sleep for 24 consecutive hours.

If you are injured by someone who was driving while “drowsy driving” or driving while extremely fatigued, that person could be responsible for your medical bills, lost wages and compensation for pain and suffering.

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