Were You Burned When Your E-Cigarette Exploded?

Were You Burned When Your E-Cigarette Exploded?  It happens, just ask Josh Hamilton, of Kentucky.  His E-Cigarette Exploded and his pants caught fire while he was reaching into pocket to pay for items at a local Texaco.  He suffered 2nd degree burns on his legs.  Surprisingly, there is not a government agency that regulates vaporizers (or E-Cigarette) although the FDA is considering doing so.   Mr. Hamilton is not the only person to suffer burn injuries as a rE-Cigarette Explodedesult of a vaporizer, last October a Florida man’s vaporizer exploded while he was “smoking”, and was left with burns to his face, chest and hands.  For more information on how an E-Cigarette is constructed and work, click here.  According to a FEMA report, most incidents occur when the battery is charging.  Because of the design of the e-cigarettes, they are more likely than other lithium-ion batteries to flame up when the battery fails.  So if you or someone you know is injured when an E-Cigarette Exploded you (or they) may have claims against the product designer, whether it be for a defective design or failure to properly warn and instruct on how to recharge the device.