New Year Equals New Laws

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With the new year just upon us, several States have new laws that take effect.  Here are some of the more notable.   California has legalized recreational use of Marijuana.  While many would think California would’ve been the first state to do so, they follow behind Washington, Colorado and Nevada.  As of this year eighteen states will see an increase in their state minimum wage, including Arizona, which rises to $10.50.    The city of Flagstaff raised its minimum wage to a flat $11.00, which marks the highest in the State.  Iowa and West Virginia enacted laws that require voters to show an “accepted” for of ID.   California and Illinois have enacted new laws regarding gender selection and recording on official documents.    In California individuals are no longer required to select “male” or “female” on their ID documents.

Some new laws are more specialized and odd.  For example, in South Carolina unless you are a zoo you are not allowed to purchase an exotic animal.

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