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Legal Ethics

Florida First State To Regulate Law Firms' Social Media Pages

The Florida bar recently issued guidelines for advertising and social networking sites.   The Florida State Bar has mandated that any request for a non-client to follow the firm on twitter, is subject to advertising rules.  Attorneys are concerned about the new guidelines and their applicability to Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, are attorneys to state…

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The Arizona Supreme Court Rejects Law Allowing the Governor More Choices In Filling Judicial Vacancies

In Dobson v. State, the Court struck down legislation that enabled the governor greater influence in selecting judges.  The law in question (HB 2600), allows the judicial commission to submit at least five persons for nomination to the governor.  The Court struck down the law because it conflicted directly with State’s Constitution that provides that the commission…

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Lawyers Should Pause Before Responding To Negative Posts On Avvo

An Illinois lawyer is facing potential discipline from the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission for her response to a former client’s complaint posted on the website Avvo.   The disciplinary complaint indicates that her response revealed attorney-client privileged information and conversion of client funds.  The attorney is defending the complaint and it is currently…

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Maricopa County Attorney General Announces Intent To Retry Debra Milke

The 9th Circuit recently granted Milke’s Habeas Corpus petition and vacated her 1990 murder conviction.  She was previously convicted of conspiring to murder her 4 year old son.  Her conviction was based on her alleged confession to Phoenix Police.  The detective had a history of misconduct and lying.  However, the State knew of these issues…

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Pre-graduation Third Years Taking The Bar Exam?

The Arizona Supreme Court is considering to allow third-year law students to take the bar exam before graduation.  While all three Arizona based law schools (yes remember there is now the Phoenix School of Law) support the idea.  However, the Supreme Court’s Attorney Regulation Advisory Committee opposes the idea.  The Committee cited to several other…

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Minnesota Attorney Sued Over Nigerian Lottery Type Scam

The Minnesota lawyer deposited what he believed was a legitimate cashiers check ($298K) from a client into his client trust account.  Turns out the check was  a fake.  According to the lawyer he believed he was hired to collect an outstanding account.  Though the lawyer should have been clued in when the client asked him…

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