Where To Have Your Vehicle Repaired

A question often asked, is where a client has to have their vehicle repaired after an accident.  The insurance company will often try to steer you towards a body shop that is part of their direct repair program or DRP for short.  Some companies use different names like CRP (certified repair program).  The insurance adjuster will tell the claimant that the shops included in the program were strongly vetted and that the work comes with a lifetime guarantee.  While there are both pros and cons of using the a shop from the DRP list, remember as the claimant you ALWAYS have the option of taking your vehicle to any repair facility you want.    The more important factor in choosing a repair facility is doing your own research.  Look at online reviews like yelp or google.  Make sure the shop is properly certified.  And again remember in the end it is your car, you have the choice as to who repairs it.