Victims of Afluenza Teen File Personal Injury Lawsuit

The parents of Sergio Molina filed a personal injury lawsuit against Ethan Couch, his parents and Cleburne Metal Works (parents’ company).  Sergio (17) suffered a traumatic brain injury in the accident which resulted in the deaths of four people.  As you recall a Texas Juvenile Judge recently sentenced  Ethan Church, the at fault driver, to ten years probation.  The defense argued afluenza as defense to the charges.  The lawsuit seeks upwards of $10 million in damages.  In addition four other victims have filed civil suits against the driver, his parents and the company.

Is the potential civil liability for personal injury that the Couch family and the company face enough to make up for the harm Ethan Couch as caused?  If this happen in your home state would you feel that the judicial system let the public down?