City of Oakland (CA) To Settle Personal Injury Claim

City of Oakland (CA) To Settle Personal Injury Claim.

On Sept 28, 2012, Wanning Qian was injured when a city van ran a red light and struck an SUV and sent it threw front glass of a nail salon.  The SUV also struck two pedestrians.  One of the nail salon’s employees, Wanning Qian, suffered severe injuries when the SUV threw him thru a glass door of an art gallery.  Mr. Qian injuries included fractured ribs, spleen lacerations and other unspecified injuries.  In order to avoid a potential jury verdict the City Counsel voted to prove a $2 million settlement of the personal injury claim.

Others also have personal injury claims against the city, one of the injured has filed a lawsuit seeking damages relating to her personal injury claim.  You can read more about Mr. Qian here.

In Arizona , like most other States, If you here someone you know has a potential personal injury claim against a government entity your time to preserve your rights are severely limited by statute.  Therefore you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney to provide you an assessment of your case.