Recall Petition RC-04-2011 Has Enough Valid Signatures

Secretary of State Ken Bennett notified Governor Jan Brewer of his determination that recall petition serial number RC-04-2011, filed by the Citizens for a Better Arizona Committee, exceeds the number of minimum signatures required by the Arizona Constitution to be placed on the ballot at the next consolidated election date that is 90 days or more after the order calling the election. Today constitutes the official filing date of the petition.

On May 31, 2011, the Committee originally filed 1,711 petition signature sheets containing 18,076 signatures.

On June 3, 2011, after performing its duties required by ARS 19-121.01, the office of the Secretary of State forwarded 1,648 petition signature sheets containing 16,949 signatures to the Maricopa County Recorder for verification.

On July 8, 2011, the County Recorder returned 1,648 petition sheets and certified that they contained 10,365 valid voter signatures.

The total number of verified signatures for recall petition serial number RC-04-2011 exceeds the 7,756 minimum required by the constitution to subject the Honorable Russel Pearce, state senator for legislative district 18, to a recall election.

Senator Pearce may choose to resign from office within five business days, in which case the recall election would not be needed and the vacancy in office would be filled as otherwise provided by law. If Senator Pearce chooses not to resign, he will automatically become a candidate in the recall election.

The Governor now has 15 days to isssue an order calling the special recall election. There is also a ten day period within which the County Recorder’s certification of signatures may be challenged in the Superior Court.  Senator Pearce has filed such challenege, which is pending.