Postal Workers and Dog Bites

Postal Workers and Dog Bites.  It is the aged old urban lour, the postman versus the dog.  According to the the USPS in 2018 dogs attacked 5,714 postal employees.  Houston lead the country with 75 postal works bit by a dog.  Phoenix ranked 23rd with 24 incidents.  Overall the state recorded 73 postal worker related dog bites.   Postal workers are not alone.  Amazon warns their flex drivers of potential dog bite hazards and even provide their drivers with a diagram to help them determine if a dog is in an aggressive posture.

If you are a postal worker or delivery driver of some nature, dog bites pose a real problem.  Not only will you likely incur medical expenses treating the bite, pain , possible scarring, you may miss time of work and there maybe a naturally understood fear of dogs moving forward.   Under Arizona law, provided you do not provoke the dog and/or you are lawfully on the dog owner’s property, the dog owner is responsible for the actions of his/her dog.   So, if a dog bit you or someone you know, you/they should at a minimum speak with an attorney.