Phoenix DUI Stats For St. Patrick's Day

Earlier today,, released early Phoenix DUI statistics for the weekend’s St. Patrick’s Day activities.   There were 223 DUI arrest on Friday and Saturday alone.  The average BAC was above .150, which under Arizona law constitutes an extreme DUI.   The actual number was 81/233 (35%) arrest were extreme.  Which means there is a minimum of thirty days jail time plus a 90 day suspension of driving privileges.  This does not include the fines and attorney’s fees the intoxicated driver will be out.  There were also 28 aggravated (.180 BAC) DUI, these individuals face a minimum of 4 months in prison, not tent city or a city jail plus a three year revocation of their license.  

At the end of the day whether just buzzed or fall down drunk, a taxi ride home is always cheaper than a dui. Contact a Scottsdale DUI lawyer if you’re in need of defending yourself.