Personal Use Marijuana Is Now Legal In Colorado Will Arizona Follow?

Many people are now flocking to Colorado for tours designed for hitting the slopes and smoking marijuana.  One such company is Colorado High Life Tours.  Colorado was one of the first States to pass medicinal marijuana laws, and since then several States have followed suit, including Arizona.  While there has been difficulty in the Medical Marijuana law becoming a reality, (due to political posturing and several legal battles), it is in full swing.  Arizona Dep’t of Health Services recently announced it will be accepting more dispensary applications beginning in May of 2015.

Does that mean Arizona is soon to follow suit?  Washington State has, California voters attempted to decriminalize marijuana use and possession but were unsuccessful.  However there is an initiative heading for the California ballot that would legalize it.   The reality is that States are seeing marijuana as a potential revenue source for the State.

Is Arizona heading down the path of legalizing personal use marijuana?