Where To Have Your Vehicle Repaired

A question often asked, is where a client has to have their vehicle repaired after an accident.  The insurance company will often try to steer you towards a body shop that is part of their direct repair program or DRP for short.  Some companies use different names like CRP (certified repair program).  The insurance adjuster
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What Are Arizona's Minimum Auto Insurance Limits?

What Are Arizona’s Minimum Auto Insurance Limits?  Currently it is  $15,000 of liability for injuries to any one person in another vehicle they hit, and a total of $30,000 for all injuries and deaths out of the same incident. And their coverage for damages to the cars and other property of others can be as
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Traumatic Brain Injury

At traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a very serious issue that can result in long-term disability.  In fact, each year, about 80,000 American suffer from long-term disability that has resulted in brain Injury.  Typically a TBI is either mild or severe.  Typically a mild TBI is one with a mild loss of consciousness and confusion
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