New Legislation

Governor Brewer recently signed over thirty bills into law.  Including the following key pieces of legislation:

  1. HB 2619 which imposes an employer assessment tax of $28 per employee for this year.  That assessment increases to $42 per employee in 2012;
  2. SB 1225 which increases the penalty for renting or purchasing a house for use as a “drop house” for illegal immigrants;
  3. HB 2219 which creates a committee to study school district unification and consolidation;
  4. SB 1357 which creates a missed appointment fee ($25)  for those patients using ACCHS;
  5. HB2416 which establishes additional requirements for physicians to obtain the voluntary and informed consent of a woman seeking an abortion.  It also requires doctors to perform an ultrasound of the fetus and provide the woman with the opportunity to view the ultrasound;
  6. HB2384 prohibits the use of public funds to pay for an abortion.

For a complete list of newly signed legislation click here.

There are approximately another 130 bills awaiting the governor’s signature, check back here for further updates.