Motorcycle Accidents and Fatalities

Motorcycle accidents and fatalities, sadly occur to often.  The other day I was driving down Tatum Blvd near Bell road in Phoenix, Arizona, when I noticed the northbound side of Tatum Blvd was closed.  In the roadway there was a stopped car and motorcycle on its side, with the road blocked off with the ominous yellow tape.  It was a sad reminder of the dangers on the road.  However at some level the fatality was avoidable.  The driver of the car could have maintained a better lookout and been more aware of his/her surroundings.  The motorcycle rider (if he/she was not) could have been wearing a helmet, which statistics show greatly decreases the chances of motorcycle accidents and fatalities.

According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Committee, in 2012 nearly five thousand fatality related motorcycle accidents, which according to the NHTSA, was an increase of 7% from the year prior.  Not surprisingly, helmet-less riders are almost 40% more likely to sustain a head injury in an accident which will result in death.

The reality is that motorcyclist are out there and automobile drivers need to pay attention when driving, motorcycles are not as easily seen as other cars.  Unfortunately accidents happen, but wearing a helmet can reduce the chance of  motorcycle accidents and fatalities.