Los Angeles Jury Finds Toyota Not Liable In Product Liability Case.

Relatives of Noriko Uno brought a wrongful death suit against another driver and Toyota for a 2009 accident that resulted in Uno’s death.  Uno was killed when a Lexus rear ended her vehicle, following which her 2009 Camry accelerated down a residential road.  The jury deliberated for a  week following a 2 month trial.  The jury found the driver of the Lexus negligent and warded the Plaintiffs $10 million in non-economic damages.  However, the jury found no liability on the part of Toyota.  The Plaintiffs position was that vehicle lacked a brake override system that would disable the accelerator when the driver depressed the brake pedal.  Plaintiffs believed that her foot became wedged on the gas pedal after the collision, but she was unable to stop the car by braking with her other foot because it lacked of an brake override system