Keeping Your Road Trip Safe

This weekend my wife and I are setting out to Albuquerque  to watch the Sun Devils play the Lobos of New Mexico.  Aside of trying to schedule time for the game and the Breaking Bad tour I have to consider which route to take from Phoenix.  The longer route is likely the safer as it is interstate highway the entire way, while the shorter route takes us up the beeline highway threw Payson (when I was in high school, this stretch of highway was notoriously dangerous).    While road trips always pose certain dangers especially long ones, there are somethings drivers can do to eliminate certain risks.  So here are some hints on keeping your road trip safe:

1.  If you are going to drive at night, avoid two way highways.  Especially since Arizona has seen an rash of wrong way drivers.

2. Make sure you have enough sleep before setting out.

3. Make stops, get out, walk around.

4. If you have to pull off the road, pull completely off the road, leave your car on the shoulder.

5. Share driving time, if you have to drive alone, take breaks, turn on the radio, take a nap if necessary.

6.Never take a road soda (alcohol or beer) and drink and drive.

These are just a few tidbits I can think of.  It is better to take the extra step and make sure your travels are safe, you may not be able to control other drivers’ behaviors and dangerous risks, but you can minimize the chances of an accident or injury happening.