Interstate 10 Between Phoenix and California Border Is The Most Dangerous Section of Highway In The Country

Popular Mechanics magazine has recently issued a list of the top ten deadliest highways in the country, I-10 between Phoenix and the California border tops the list.  This approximate 170 section of highway  accounts for about 12% of the State’s auto fatalities.  Last year there were approximately 85 fatalities along this stretch of highway.  It is easy to see why accidents occur along this portion.  Its proximity to the Colorado River, the sparse population,  predominately flat and straight road all factors that entice drivers to travel at high rates of speed are all potential factors for this highway’s dangerous nature.

Some steps to reduce your chances of getting involved in an injury accident is to drive at a reasonable rate of speed, drive during daytime hours and drive safely given the highway conditions.  If you or someone you know is unfortunately injured in an auto accident, contact us for a free consultation.