Injured Pedestrian Sues Uber.

An injured pedestrian sues Uber.  The pedestrian brought the action in San Francisco County Superior Court for personal injuries she suffered in an accident involving an Uber vehicle.  For those who are not aware, Uber is an internet app that pairs those needing a ride with willing drivers.  The drivers use their own vehicle to pick up the passenger, and the passenger is not required to pay a fair.  Instead the passenger is encouraged to provide a “donation” to the driver.   Uber is not a registered taxi service and claims it is does note employ the driver, it sees it self as an intermediary like Facebook.

In the this case, the vehicle owner is a Djamol Gafurov.   While transporting a passenger  Gafurov struck a Dodge Charger, forcing it off the road, where the Charger flipped, struck and injured (fractured leg and multiple herniated discs)  a pedestrian Claire Fahrbach.   

Uber has denied liability, stating that the driver maintained the requisite insurance for a California Charter license and as it is not a common carrier, rather a social media site, not a taxi service there is no liability against Uber.