Injured at the Gym or On Someone Else's Property?

Injured at the Gym or On Someone Else's Property?Where you injured at the gym or on someone else’s property? I found a great article regarding health club liability for personal injuries.  While the article discuss NY law, it is based on the same underlying common law  as Arizona regarding landowner liability to third persons.  Particularly those who are considered business invitees.

An Arizona business owner owes its invitees a duty to maintain its premises in a reasonably safe manner.   This duty entails reasonable inspection to discover dangerous conditions. A proprietor has a greater duty to discover dangerous conditions than an invitee, who is entitled to assume that the premises are reasonably safe.

To prove negligence the injured person needs to establish that the business owner had actual or constructive knowledge of the condition, such as water on the floor in a grocery store, or a loose stair.  But the injured person can establish this by showing that the condition existed for enough time that had the landowner done regular inspections, that he/she should have noticed it and corrected it.

So if you or someone you know were injured while at the gym, local grocery store or even that restaurant around the corner, contact us for a free consultation.