In Massachusetts It Is Legal To Take Up Skirt Pictures !??

Apparently In Massachusetts It Is Legal To Take Up Skirt Pictures.  Now there is a limitation, the up the skirt picture must be of a fully clothed woman, meaning she must have on some form of underwear.  Massachusetts’ high Court recently held that the State’s peeping Tom law did not make it illegal to unknowingly take pictures up a woman’s dress or skirt.

The court referred to the language of the law, which bans secret photos and videotapes of completely or partially nude people in circumstances where they have a reasonable expectation of privacy.  “A female passenger on a [Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority] trolley who is wearing a skirt, dress, or the like covering [private] parts of her body is not a person who is ‘partially nude,’ no matter what is or is not underneath the skirt by way of underwear or other clothing,” the court said.

The Court focused on the fact that as she was wearing clothing she is not partially nude, if she were using a public bathroom the statute may have criminalized the act.  Nonetheless women be weary when walking the streets of Boston in a skirt or dress.