In California Uber Drivers Are Employees

In a recent decision the California Labor Commission determined that an Uber driver is not an independent contractor but that Uber drivers are employees.  Uber sells themselves to potential drivers as an opportunity to make money when they want and how often they want.  Recently a former Uber driver filed a claim for back wages against Uber.  California’s labor commission found for the former driver awarding her $4,152.20 for reimbursable expenses and interest.  The labor commission found that Uber is involved in every aspect of the operation from vetting drivers and providing the drivers with the necessary tools to drive for Uber.  Uber goes as far as mandating that the driver’s car be no more than ten years of age.

This could have not only an impact on how Uber is regulated by State employment agencies, but also if drivers are found to be employees, then Uber will be responsible for any acts of the drivers that is within the course and scope of their employment.  Meaning if an Uber driver is an at fault driver for an accident, Uber would be on the hook for the injured persons damages.