I Was In An Auto Accident Do I Have To Sue?

I Was In An I Was In An Auto Accident Do I Have To Sue?  Do I Have To Sue? This is a question I often hear when talking to potential accident injury clients. The answer is no.  This is because the goal is to provide the at fault person’s insurance company with enough and sufficient information to settle your claim without having to file a lawsuit.  The more organized your settlement demand is the better chance you have of settling your claim.  That means making sure your treating physician, chiropractor or physical therapist keeps detailed treatment notes, includes a detailed assessment at the start of treatment and at the end of the treatment.  Also keeping a daily or weekly journal regarding how you feel, what activities you are limited to or unable to do will help paint a picture of how the accident effected your daily life.

Even if you can’t settle your claim and you are put in the position to file a lawsuit, this same detailed documentation will strengthen your case in the litigation process.  Keep in mind as well that not all injury related lawsuits necessarily result in trial.  The majority of cases will settle at sometime during the litigation process.