Hot Coffee Strikes Again

Everyone probably recalls Stella Liebeck and her lawsuit against McDonald’s for severe third degree burns resulting from split coffee.  If you are unfamiliar with the true side of the story watch this short video: [embedyt][/embedyt] Turn the page more than twenty years later, and another incident of a fast food restaurant and hot coffee is in the news.  The newest coffee incident involves In-N-Out Burger.  Hedy Chen a then student at University of California at Berkeley , has filed a lawsuit against In-N-Out, seeking damages for injuries she received from hot coffee that she split on her lap.  The complaint alleges that the In-N-Out did not provide a protective sleeve (like the ones typically found at coffee shops)  as such, the coffee was so hot that she could not hold the cup, and dropped it in her lap. When the coffee spilled into her lap, she repeatedly requested that employees contact 911.  However the In-N-Out employees refused stating that the company’s policy prohibited them from contacting 911.  According to the lawsuit, employees gave her a bag of ice and asked that she move her car out of the drive-thru.  Mrs. Chen suffered second degree burns because of the coffee spill and spent three days in the burn unit at St. Francis Memorial in San Francisco.