Five Things A Contractor Can Do To Help Secure Payment

At some point every contractor, whether residential licensed or commercially  licensed, has completed a project only to have the project owner fail to pay claiming the work was incomplete, was of poor workmanship or that the Contractor overcharged them.  There are several easy steps an Arizona contractor can do to protect their ability to collect on monies due.

1.  On the first day of the project mail a twenty-day preliminary lien notice that complies with Arizona lien law, which is required in order to protect the contractor’s mechanic and materialman lien rights.

2. Make sure you have a written contract.

3.Consult an attorney before you sign any contract.

4.Take video or photographs of the project along significant milestones.

5. Make sure any and all changes are submitted to the owner in writing and that the owner executes a change order for the additional work.

If you are a contractor and have an issue with the project owner withholding payment contact us for case consultation.