Federal Judge Dismisses A Negligence Lawsuit Brought By Family of Slain Border Patrol Agent

It is not in the to far distant political past to remember the fast and furious operation.  An unfortunate  and unintended victim of the fast and furious was  Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, who was shot and killed with a weapon that was allowed to make its way into Mexico under the operation.  The purpose of the operation was to identify cartel leaders and track weapons smuggling.

The family of Brian Terry brought a negligence lawsuit against the US Government in Arizona’s U.S. District Court.  The Gov’t moved to dismiss the complaint, a motion the Court granted the motion.  The Court held that federal law and SCOTUS  have held that the family’s complaint fails because Congress has provided other protections for Terry’s family.  However the Court did acknowledge the loss Terry’s family as suffered.

The family has the option of filing an appeal to the Ninth Circuit.