Dog Bite Statistics

According to Center for Disease control and the American Humane Society there are an estimated 4.7 million incidents of dog bites in an average year.  Almost 25% of those require medical treatment.

If you are unfortunately the victim of  a dog bite you may not understand your rights, who is going to reimburse you for time off and take care of the medical expenses.  Under Arizona law, the owner of a biting animal is strictly liable to the victim. This means that the animal’s owner may be responsible to you for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering, which may include compensation for scarring, disfigurement, or disability that you may have suffered.

Often, the owner’s insurance may cover some or all of these damages.  You may be contacted by the insurance company, who will try to settle with you quickly and cheaply. Insurance companies don’t voluntarily pay and won’t protect your interests. Unless you timely assert your rights, and in the correct manner, you may lose your ability to receive compensation.  So if you are the victim of a dog bite, consider consulting an experienced lawyer who handles dog bites before you settle any claims you may have.