Why Does A Dog Bite?

Why does a dog bite?  There are many possible reasons.  The most common being that a dog bite will occur when the dog is scared or feels threatened.  Also, dogs will bite to protect something that is valuable to them, be it food, a toy or even puppies.  A dog may simply bite arising from the natural prey instinct.  This typically occurs when something or someone passes a dog, such as a jogger, kid on a skate board or even a bicyclist cruising by on his/her beach cruiser.  According to the famed dog whisper, Cesar Milan, the best thing to do is to stop moving, and face the dog, without making eye contact.  While this may appear to be contrary to the fight or flight human instinct, it deflates the danger.

However, it may this approach may not always be on the forefront of an individual’s mind  and more often is not the case in a dog bite situation. Dog bites can often result in a severe and traumatic injuries, resulting in medical bills, pain both physical and mental.  So if a dog bit you or someone you know, you, your friend or family member should consult a personal injury attorney to evaluate your case.  Often the dog’s owner will have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance which will likely cover the loss.