Did You Collide With Flying Debris On The Freeway?

World News Videos | ABC World News

This video shows the terrifying reality that you can collide with flying debris on the freeway.  If you have ever had the unfortunate circumstance to collide with flying debris, you know how frightening and dangerous it is.  The question that may people have  is whether someone else could be responsible for any injuries or damages that the driver and passengers of the impacting vehicle.  While not a definitive answer, a third party could be responsible.  For example, say the tire in this video was in the back of a pick up truck and it was not secured in any manner or inadequately secured.  The driver of that pick up truck could be liable because he failed to take reasonable steps to secure the tire.  Another common item of flying debris on the freeway is often a ladder on a work truck, or debris from the trailer of a landscaper’s vehicle.  The problem that often arises is that debris may fall off of a vehicle and the driver may never realize it and may keep driving.  Therefore, the injured party(ies) may never know who was responsible.  Even in those situations, the injured parties may have the ability to make a claim for damages on their own uninsured motorist coverage.