City of Oakland To Pay $3.25 Million to Injured Cyclist

As with many cities across America, the City of Oakland has to deal with potholes developing on city roadways.  However, the City of Oakland is incurring an additional cost related to its potholes.  Dulcey Bower, like many cyclist was riding her bicycle on the city roads.  However, Mrs. Bower severely injured herself when she crashed her bicycle in a pothole.  She went over the handlebars, and landed 21 feet away, suffering injuries to her face, head, teeth and jaw according to her lawsuit (filed in Alameda County).  Despite wearing a helmet, the impact knocked her unconscious and doctors had to place the injured cyclist into a medically induce a coma, which lasted for four days.  (according to

The city’s insurance is paying $250,000 for the injuries she sustained; whereas, the City is forking over $3.25 million.  One City Councilman acknowledge the danger these potholes present.  However he also acknowledge that budgetary issues are limiting the City’s ability to address this issue.

When riding your bicycle on city road ways, make sure you not only pay attention to the vehicles around you, but be aware of the street conditions.