Cell Phone Related Accidents

According to Arizona Department of Public Safety, as of September 2014, there have been about 2,400 collision which officers attributed to distracted driving.  Not all of these accidents necessarily mean the use of cell phone and other mobile devices.  However cell phone related accidents comprised 167 of the 2400 accidents.  (I would speculate that the number is actually higher, as this number probably only includes those drivers who admitted to using their phone) This number does not include usage of other media devices like an MP3 player or texting while driving.

Other than cell phone related accidents, 238 accidents resulted from drivers reaching for other objects in the vehicle.  The reality is while driving each driver should focus on the task at hand driving.  There are methods by which to reduce the chances of your cell phone distracting you while driving, including hands free devices.  Also there are apps which will block a persons ability to send a text or make a phone call while driving.   Other distracted driving acts are eating while driving, for woman, putting makeup on while driving and using tobacco products, whether smoking, using a vaporizer or chewing tobacco.

The key is to remember that there are so many things that are out of a driver’s control, the more a driver limits distractions within their own vehicle, the more likely that drive is to be able to avoid collisions, such as cell phone related accidents, with those distracted drivers on the road.