California Mother Settled Her Claim Against TSA

In 2010, a California woman was traveling out of Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, when Transportation Security Administration violated the agency’s own rules and prevented her from traveling with pumped breast milk.  TSA eventually let the Plaintiff, Stacey Armato, board a flight to Los Angeles.  However, prior to allowing her to board another flight, TSA held her for forty-minutes in a glass holding area.  Mrs. Armato requested that TSA provide her alternative screening (as provided for by TSA regulations) for her pumped breast milk.  However, on this day TSA officers told it was not happening that way and instructed her to either dump the breast milk or scan it thru x-ray. Mrs. Armato filed a lawsuit against TSA in the Federal District Court for Arizona.  The California mother settled her claim against TSA.  The parties recently settled the matter, TSA will pay Mrs. Armato $75,000 but has also agreed to modify its procedures and training of its employees on how to handle mothers with breast milk.