Business Law Basics – Breakthrough Networking Radio

On February 4, 2014,  D. Jeffrey Craven was invited as a guest on Al Fulton’s radio show Breakthrough Networking.  Breakthrough Networking is part of a radio series on the Breakthrough Thinking Broadcasting Network which plays on Radio Station KPHX (AM 1480), as well as podcasts on the internet.

The topic of discussion was on the importance of operating a business through a legal entity (e.g., Limited Liability Company or Corporation) and a general discussion of business law including contracts and specifically some key items to include in your contact to address issues, avoid problems, and provide avenues for redress and recovery of attorneys’ fees in the event of a breach.

Listen to the radio show to hear D. Jeffrey Craven talk about: (1) the importance of operating your business through an entity, (2) explain the operating agreement and resolutions and the importance of each, (3) discuss the importance of keeping business transactions separate from personal, and (4) discuss good contract language and terms to have to address common issues and protect the business owner in the event that the business owner later needs to sue to collect.  Of course, while this is a general discussion, if you would like help with your business’ specific needs, whether to set up an entity, draft a contract form, review a lease, or address other business concerns, please contact Mr. Craven at Attorneys of Phoenix by email or by calling 480-222-2225.

In addition to his radio show, Al Fulton is the principal of Net 1 Services, an IT & Computer Networking company.  Net 1 provides IT support for small and medium sized companies to assist with setting up and maintaining business networks.  They provide the tech support you need to keep your business computer systems in top shape.  Net 1 has clients in various industries, but can be particularly helpful for us attorneys who need good reliable computers and constant uptime but who may not have the time to do our own maintenance.  Net 1 helps not only with setting up computers and servers but also with software selection, particularly with integrated systems attorneys like to use for maintaining files, data, contacts, and time tracking.  If you need help with your computers, servers, software solutions, or other IT, call Net 1 at (602) 889-7270.