Auto Related Fatalities Rise in 2017

In 2017 There Were 1,000 auto related fatalities in Arizona, why?

According to the ADOT, for the third year in a row,  Arizona saw an increase in auto related fatalities.  The last year in which there were less deaths than the year prior was 2014.  Since 2015, the total yearly number of auto related fatalities has steadily increased.  Last year Arizona had a total of 127,064 auto accidents.  About Forty percent  of the fatalities involved drugs or alcohol.  Almost the same percentage speed was an factor.   According to the study the majority of these deadly accidents are due to driver behavior, whether driving under the influence or distracted behavior, such as texting and driving.  Thirty-three of the documented fatalities involved distracted driving. The fact is that these fatalities were avoidable, but the sad fact is that there are now a 1,000 families that are without a loved one because someone else selfishly and irresponsibly decided to either get behind a wheel while intoxicated or felt that responding to a text message was more important than their safety and the safety of others on the road. [/tm_pb_text][/tm_pb_column][/tm_pb_row][/tm_pb_section]