FiveTips When You Are In An Auto Accident

Should I call the Police?

If you are in an auto accident and it occurred on a public roadway, you should call 911, especially if someone is injured or another party fled the scene.  If the accident occurred in a parking lot, it is private property and absent injuries the policy usually will not show.

Should I Take Pictures of My Vehicle and The Other Person’s Vehicle Definitely use that iPhone or android phone, If you can also take pictures of the accident scene.

I don’t think I am at fault, should I call my insurance?

Yes, in case there is any dispute as to who is responsible, you should contact your insurance. If you have collision coverage your insurance will at least begin the process of repairing your vehicle. Some insurance companies also will waive your deductible, but that depends on you policy and is not necessary true of all insurance policies.

Should I go to the hospital?

This is always a decision that should be left to you, but if you are not seriously injured, an auto accident, your local Urgent Care could be an alternative to the Emergency Room.  Also, consider following up with your primary care physician, whether a medical doctor or chiropractor.

Am I going To need an attorney?

Each case is different, each auto accident is different, injuries are different. If you have questions or concerns regarding your potential case it would be beneficial to speak to a personal injury attorney. Most personal injury attorneys offer free consultations.  If you were in an accident and you have questions or just want to know what you should do next, contact us for a free consultation.