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New Year Equals New Laws: Some New Laws for 2019

New Year Equals New Laws: Some New Laws for 2019

Every new year brings a new set of laws into effect.  Arizona will see the minimum wage increase to $11.00 per hour, this is the third increase of a scheduled four.  In addition when you register your vehicle in 2019, you will see new fee of $32.  The new fee is designed to support public safety and highway patrol operations.  A new law will also mandate that public schools provide two recess periods for grades K through 5.  In addition, a new law will allow patients to dispute an unexpected hospital bill after receiving an unexpected bill after a hospital visit.

There are also some new federal laws that will go into effect.  Hospitals are now required to post their prices for procedures online.  A new farm bill will make hemp and the CBD oil industry legal (despite the FDA stating that CBD products are illegal).

The largest and most encompassing new federal law is the changes to the tax code, which include the alimony tax law, which removes deduction for a spouse who has to pay alimony.  Also the spouse receiving alimony will no longer be considered taxable income.


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